ToF(Time of Flight)
Common Technology of Image Sensors

ToF(Time of Flight)


In addition to imaging in X and Y directions, ToF image sensors also acquire the Z-direction information, enabling 3D sensing. 3D sensing opens up the possibility of discerning things that are difficult with conventional 2D images, as in inspection based on volume or shape, or discerning overlapped objects. It is also a promising technology for applications utilizing relative distance information in real time, such as automated control or collision avoidance system.

ToF image sensors, which are small in size and can instantly acquire 3D information, are anticipated for use in a wide range of areas and applications as sensors well-suited to respond to rising demands for recognition, measurement, and automation.

Technical Features

dToF, which is capable of measurement at long distances, and iToF, which provides high speed and high image resolution

They can be classified into two types: Direct ToF (dToF), which involves a simple, direct measurement of the time until reflection is detected, allowing it to also be used for measurement of targets at long distances; and Indirect ToF (iToF), which measures distance by collecting reflected light and discerning the phase shift between emitted and reflected light.

Higher performance through combinations of back-illuminated CMOS image sensor technology

ToF image sensores detect distance information of each pixel, creating highly accurate depth map.ToF image sensors is combined with a pixel technology which highly accurately detects reflected light and the back-illuminated CMOS image sensor technology with high sensitivity and low-noise performance. The back-illuminated CMOS image sensor technology, is also designed for faster processing from advances such as multilayer wiring. Greater efficiency of collecting reflected light and faster processing speed lead higher accuracy of distance measurement.

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