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Scalable Low-Voltage Signaling with Embedded Clock (SLVS-EC), is a high-speed interface standard developed by Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation (SSS) for fast, high-resolution image sensors. The interface's simple protocol makes it easy to build camera systems. Featuring an embedded clock signal, it is ideal for applications that require larger capacity, higher speed, or transmission over longer distances. While introducing a wide range of SLVS-EC compliant products, SSS will continue to promote SLVS-EC as a standard of interface for industrial image sensors that face increasing demands for more pixels and higher speed.


Technical Features

High-speed transmission

Enables implementation for high-speed, high-resolution image sensors without adding pins or enlarging the package. Supports up to 5 Gbps/lane. (As of November 2020.)

Multi-lane functionality

Extremely versatile, with exceptional freedom in the connection configuration between image sensors and the FPGA/DSP.


Multi-lane functionality

The base SLVS-EC configuration features 1–8 lanes, and using multiple interfaces enables high-speed data transfer.



Signals from multiple image sensors can be received by a single FPGA/DSP, for multi-camera systems or similar applications.
Without a clock lane and or need for wiring of equal length, SLVS-EC affords greater freedom in sensor arrangements.



Enables simultaneous output of multiple types of images from a single image sensor.*1

Example:Full-resolution video + Full HD still images, or other combinations
*1) Multi-stream functionality is implemented in consumer camera sensors. (As of November 2020.)

Easy system implementation

Uses the same 8b/10b encoding as in common interfaces. Can be connected to FPGAs or other common industrial camera components.
With an embedded clock signal, SLVS-EC requires no skew adjustment between lanes and is a good choice for long-distance transmission.
Simple protocol facilitates implementation.

SLVS-EC standard

SLVS-EC is standardized by the Japan Industrial Imaging Association (JIIA)
JIIA website (External Link)

For details on how to receive the latest version of the SLVS-EC Specification, please inquire us via ‘contact us’ below.

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*SLVS-EC and logo are trademarks of Sony Group Corporation.

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