TransferJet X, a High-speed Wireless Communication Technology

TransferJet X, a High-speed
Wireless Communication

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TransferJet X is a millimeter-wave wireless technology that uses 60GHz band based on IEEE 802.15.3e.

Technical Features

Transfer rate

The transfer rate in physical layer is in the range of 5.1 to 6.5 Gbps at 16QAM mode and the effective speed is realized up to 5.0 Gbps.

TransferJet X which is a point-to-point transmission successfully reduces 87% of physical layer redundancy and improves 40% of throughput compared with a millimeter-wave wireless LAN IEEE802.11ad.
In Addition, the effective speed is expected more than twice of 11ad by utilizing the bandwidth effectively by reducing the random backoff which IEEE802.11ad required.

Transfer rate
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Transfer rate

Connection time

This technology is specialized for point-to-point transmission, allowing significant simplification of the protocols for establishing connection. For example, about 1.4 GB of data is able to transfer while the time IEEE802.11ad is trying to connect to the access point.

Connection time
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Connection time

Communication range

The communication range and area of TransferJet X are able to modify by using various antenna settings.

(1) Touch antenna (communication range: within 10 cm) 

The touch antenna is able to use like a high-speed NFC (near field communication). The data transfer is made by just touching devices together, and the maximum effective speed is 5 Gbps. Expected applications are downloading movies by touching devices and high-speed data transfer at drone port.

Communication range

(2) Gate antenna (communication range: within 10 m)

The gate antenna basically uses the near field region of antenna to create a beam-shaped communication area as wide as the antenna width, maintaining a constant signal strength, beside most of wireless antenna uses the far field to expand communication area but a radiation pattern and the signal strength gradually weakens depend on distance.

Gate antenna 1

The communication is established within the restricted area reduced interference from neighboring lanes and the area in front or behind by suppressing communication area.
Expected applications are building entry gates and train station ticket gates by utilizing this characteristic. The communication speed is slower compared to touch communication (near field).

Gate antenna 2

(3) Spot antenna (communication range: 2 to 3 m)

Neither touch communication with touch antenna nor large size of antenna like gate antenna is required. (It has a performance between (1) and (2).) There is a merit to expand communication area rather than (2), although the interference from neighbor exists.

Spot antenna

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