Low Power GNSS Group

Low Power GNSS Group


With high-quality analog technology at low power, and optimum electric power control, Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation(SSS)’s low-power GNSS products achieve the lowest power consumption in the industry. Despite this performance, they also utilize an original positioning algorithm to enable excellent positioning even under severe conditions. They allow multi-GNSS positioning to simultaneously receive signal from multiple systems, including GPS, QZSS, and GLONASS.

Technical Features

Low power consumption

We have achieved operation with the industry’s lowest power consumption by developing dedicated low-power-consumption A/D converters and low-noise amplifiers, phase-locked loops and other high-frequency analog circuits, optimum electric power control, and low-power-consumption circuits. This makes it possible to use GNSS positioning even with solar cell products.

Positioning performance

Since the debut of PNDs (personal navigation devices), GNSS receiver design has faced many issues, including the need to balance both compact size and precision of positioning information. The arrival of feature phones and smartphones brought about issues like multipath propagation problems and weak signal reception. And in recent years, the rise of wearable devices has presented new issues requiring solution, such as restricted visibility, the impact of the wearer’s arm movements, and significant signal attenuation depending on how the device is angled.

But thanks to their original positioning algorithm, SSS’s GNSS Receiver LSIs enable excellent positioning even under such strict conditions.

Space saving (smaller footprint)

SSS’s GNSS Receiver LSIs use a compact package. This makes it possible to achieve a positioning system under 70 to 100 mm2, including peripheral circuits.

Space saving (smaller footprint)

Applications: Smart watches, digital cameras, wearable products, monitoring devices, healthcare products, telematics products

Receives high-precision location information even in areas with poor GNSS reception

Targets like low cost, low power consumption system design, and operation under increasingly strict conditions have resulted in extremely strict conditions for GNSS reception. SSS’s GNSS Receiver LSIs use an original positioning algorithm that allows them to receive high-precision location information even under stringent conditions, such as high-rise building areas (environments prone to multipath propagation) or while running on athletic tracks (conditions prone to impact from arm movements, swimming, and other human motion effects).

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