MEMS Foundry Service

MEMS Foundry Service

Consistent MEMS foundry services from prototyping to mass-production


Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation will utilize the MEMS/semiconductor processing technology it has cultivated over many years as well as its proven results in MEMS commissioning, to provide consistent, comprehensive MEMS foundry services from prototyping to mass-production. We will support the MEMS development and production needs of our customers.

・Foundry services

Wafer process development (development, engineering samples, low ~ high volume mass production)

・Available processes

Bulk process (including SOI), surface process, semiconductor process.

・Fab Location

Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation, Kagoshima Technology Center

・ISO Certifications


MEMS Foundry Customer Engagement Flow

MEMS Foundry Customer Engagement Flow
MEMS Foundry Customer Engagement Flow

*) This timeline is only a guideline, so be aware that it may change depending on products or development items.
JDA: Joint Development Agreement
WSSA: Wafer Supply & Services Agreement

MEMS Foundry Service
MEMS Foundry Service


Services and equipment

MEMS Foundry service (as of Apr.2022)
Location Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan
Clean class Class 1-1000
Wafer size 8inch
Production capacity Small volume engineering samples - mass production
Services Process optimization, Engineering samples, Mass production
ISO, etc. ISO9001, ISO14001
Development / Production experience various sensors, actuators, optics
Process technology Bulk processing including SOI, Cavity-SOI, Surface processing
Photolythography Stepper, Double sided aligner, Coater, Developer
Heat treatment / diffusion Diffusion, Ionic diffusion
Deposition LPCVD, PCVD, Sputter, Vapor deposition, Doped Poly, Epi Poly
Dry etch RIE, DeepRIE, Asher
Wet etch HF, KOH, Resist removal
Cleaning RCA, Organic cleaning
Other Plating, Lift off
LowStress SiN, LowStress Poly, LowStress Epi Si
Design / Analysis Analysis environment
Measurement / Evaluation MEMS measurement, Evaluation environment

Support for handling a wide range of materials

Support for handling a wide range of materials

Process technologies

We can also accommodate various other device structures, so please consult with us as necessary.

◆TSV (Through Silicon Via)

One type of mounting technology, which refers to an electrode that vertically penetrates the interior of a silicon chip. If multiple chips are to be stacked and fit into a single package, connecting upper and lower chips to each other with this penetrating (through) electrode can be expected to reduce package sizes and improve reliability.

 ・High aspect ratio TSV
 ・High-density TSV

◆WLP (Wafer Level Package)

Wafer bonding technology can reduce the size of MEMS chips that contain packages.

 ・Au - Si Eutectic Bonding
 ・Vacuum Sealing
 ・Au - Au Bonding
 ・Glass Frit Bonding
 ・Resin Bonding

WLP (Wafer Level Package)の画像

◆Deep RIE Process

“Deep RIE” refers to one type of reactive ion etching (RIE) that has a high aspect ratio (narrow and deep). Due to this characteristic, it is also known as “high aspect ratio etching.”
It is a leading type of production technology for bulk micromachining of MEMS.

 ・High aspect ratios
 ・Various taper angles

Deep RIE Process1
Deep RIE Process2
Deep RIE Process3

◆Epi Poly Process

It is possible to form an Epi Poly layer on a structure and then form other additional structures, so complex device configurations can be created.

 ・Thick Poly-Si
 ・Low-resistance Poly-Si
 ・Low-stress Poly-Si

Epi Poly Process

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