GPS/GNSS Receiver

GPS/GNSS Receiver

Sony Semiconductor Solutions’s GNSS chip is proprietary designed to achieve
the industry’s lowest power consumption and highest precision*1


Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) need to meet various requirements, from a minimum 1Hz update rate, long battery life, low power consumption and easy implementation. Asset trackerss, for example, must have a long battery-life, compact, robust and cost-effective.

To expand the scope of application for the GNSS, Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation(SSS) addressed these challenges and has developed GNSS devices that leverage innovative silicon design technologies such as the Fully Depleted Silicon On Insulator (FDSOI) process and super-low power consumption RF circuit design.

Our development began with a group of engineers that believed they could substantially improve positioning technology using GNSS. After years of research and development, we have become the industry leader in delivering low power consumption with high accuracy GNSS receivers. Today, having over 100 million units shipped and supplying over 100 customers globally, our chipsets are selected in various products from consumer wearables to industrial IoT applications.

With a wide range of algorithms covering from wearable devices used in sportwatches to automotive trackers and various location, our products technology can cover a variety of use case requirements.


The industry’s lowest power consumption and highest precision*1

Sony Semiconductor Solutions’ GNSS category products feature the industry’s lowest power-consumption with delivering high positioning precision. Compatible both with L1 and L5 bands, it supports navigation satellite systems from different countries, enabling accurate positioning even in a poor line-of-sight conditions. Effective signal reception is also realized in an NLOS (non-line of sight) environment, without compromising performance. Having a compact footprint smaller than 10 mm2 makes it ideal for tracking motion and movements, whether on a person, pets, assets and vehicles.

*1) In accordance with Sony research testing the CXD5610GF GNSS receiver LSI (as of August 19, 2020).

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Product Lineup

Image Model name Product power
(corresponding band)
Corresponding GNSS
Data Sheet CXD5605AGF CXD5605AGF 6mW (L1) GPS/Galileo/BeiDou/GLONASS/QZSS/SBAS
Overview CXD5610GF PDF
Data Sheet
CXD5610GF CXD5610GF 6mW (L1)/
9mW (L1+L5)

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Choosing Single or Dual Band

CXD5605A: L1 signal positioning optimized for low power consumption at only 6mW while offering high sensitivity. This product is targeted at sports wearables, trackers for children and animals plus a wide range of battery-driven asset trackers where battery life or small size is critical.
CXD5610: L1 and L5 dual band positioning for stable, high-accuracy positioning and includes algorithms that make it tolerant to human movement. It delivers the industry’s lowest power consumption while providing accurate, continuous positioning, at only 9 mW. Most suitable for wearable products where the ultimate in continuous positional accuracy is required, IoT devices and automotive applications.


Specifications CXD5605AGF CXD5610GF
Power consumption
@ continuous tracking
6mW (L1) 6mW (L1) / 9mW (L1+L5)
Support Constellations GPS/Galileo/BeiDou/GLONASS/QZSS/SBAS GPS/Galileo/BeiDou/GLONASS/QZSS/SBAS/NavIC
Sensitivity Cold Start: -147dBm / Hot Start: -160dBm / Tracking: -161dBm Cold Start: -149dBm / Hot Start: -163dBm / Tracking: -167dBm
TTFF Cold Start: 35s / Hot Start: 2s Cold Start: 24s / Hot Start: 1s
Host Interface IO Voltage 1.8V 1.2V / 1.8V
Assisted GNSS Yes Yes
Geofence Yes Yes
Package 49-pin UFBGA 54-pin XFBGA
Op. Temp. -40℃ to 85℃ -40℃ to 105℃


Satellite Mobile Communication

These products are used in satellite mobile communication devices for applications in wearable devices (fitness trackers), automotive trackers and asset trackers.

・Wearable devices (fitness tracker)
Wearable products, being small and light-weight, demand the receiver to have continuous, high precision positioning and a long-lasting battery.

・Automotive tracker
Used for tracking the movements of vehicles and drivers, these trackers need to be low-cost and easy for users to install, with high accurate positioning as well as quick boot and long battery performance, not to mention the ability to handle temporary GNSS signal losses.

・Logistics management (asset tracker)
The diverse use cases for asset trackers demand GNSS devices to be equipped with a full range of action modes.

Agriculture and Farming

These products are used in agriculture and farming for tracking animals etc.

Infrastructure Facility Inspection

These products are used in infrastructure inspection for personnel safety, etc.

Customer Support

Our dedicated global customer support team offers a range of services to assist customers in making cost effective and complete use of our product. We assist with evaluation, integration, training, troubleshooting, maintenance and upgrades for any application. We offer evaluation boards for testing and offer cloud-based CRM tools to closely support your specific development and project needs.

Customers & Partners

HERE Technologies partnered with Sony Semiconductor Solutions to integrate HERE HD GNSS Positioning into Sony Semiconductor Solutions’ dual-band LSI chipsets.
These sets can locate devices with sub-meter level precision while maintaining low power consumption. HERE HD Positioning is a cloud streaming services that improves accuracy 3-4 times over regular GNSS, available globally for mass-market devices and requires no additional hardware.

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