Image Sensor for Security Cameras

Image Sensor for
Security Cameras

Sony's image sensors for security cameras captures the objects with reliable accuracy, even under harsh conditions such as in dark places, or where there are significant differences in brightness and darkness. The outstanding photographic performance of the image sensors makes them indispensable to the security field.

Product Lineup

  • Security Camera Image Sensor

    Security camera image sensors equipped with STARVIS™ / STARVIS 2 technology, to capture clear images regardless of brightness.


STARVIS™、STARVIS™ 2 logos are the registered trademarks or trademarks of Sony Group Corporation or its affiliated companies


Traffic and Transportation (ITS)

Introducing the related applications such as license plate recognition and reflection removal of windshields.

Safety Monitoring

Introducing the related applications such as street and facility monitoring, home security systems and drive recorders.

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