The IMX556 and IMX570 are compact yet high-resolution Time of Flight(ToF) image sensors for industrial equipment with a back-illuminated structure. They use Sony's sensing technology and depth-sensing technology to make it possible to capture images from a wide variety of depths from near to far.

The compact and innovative image sensor acquiring accurate depth map, leads to various fields and applications such as forklift pallet detection, load recognition, fruit-picking equipments and auto-milking robots, etc.


Compact yet capable of capturing high-resolution 3D images

ToF pixel technology and back-illuminated CMOS image sensor pixel technology from Sony bring high resolution, high accuracy and smaller sensor size to ToF systems. The sensor can be used when high-precision object recognition is required or when space is limited, such as on a robot arm.

Resolution comparison

Depth Image* Depth CONVENTIONAL Depth NEW

*) Distance is color-coded in depth images.

Suppresses blur of moving subjects

Unlike mechanical laser scanning, the ToF system does not use any moving parts. This allows fast frame-by-frame acquisition of 3D depth maps with less blur of moving objects. Even fast-moving objects, such as products on conveyor belts can be targeted for sensing.

Suppresses blur of moving subjects 1
Suppresses blur of moving subjects 2

Signal processing with reduced computational load

Using ToF image sensors, distance information can be obtained by performing simple processing on sensor output. Compared to conventional camera imaging, this makes it easier to build a depth-sensing environment. Even when omnidirectional or multi-angle images are generated from several cameras in real time, sensing can be performed by a system configuration with a low processing load.

Signal processing with reduced computational load

Improves robustness in all environments

Sony's ToF image sensors have the pixel drive processing to subtract external light offset, which can be used under high-illuminant environments such as under bright sunshine. This sensor can be used for both indoors and outdoors, including in extremely dark scenes such as in an unlit warehouse.

Product Lineup

Model name Image size Number of effective pixels
IMX556 Type 1/2 0.3M
IMX570 Type 1/4.5 0.3M


Device Structure

Model name IMX556 IMX570
Resolution 0.3M 0.3M
Number of effective pixels 642(H) ×484(V) 648(H) ×488(V)
Image size 1/2 1/4.5
Max. frame rate 60fps (VGA resolution) 56fps (VGA resolution)
Recommended light source wavelength 850nm or 940nm 850nm or 940nm
Pixel size 10µm×10µm 5µm×5µm
Modulation frequency 4〜100MHz 2〜120MHz
Interface MIPI MIPI


A list of cameras with ToF image sensors

You can download a list of cameras with Sony's ToF image sensors here.


ToF (Time of Flight) Technology <Industrial Use>

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