Image Sensor

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation(SSS) has the world’s largest share of the image sensor market, and boasts a lineup of high-performance image sensors tailored to a diverse range of needs in a broad range of fields from those for industrial use, to sensors used in consumer cameras, as well as those for automotive and mobile applications.

Image Sensor for Industrial Use

With its comprehensive range of image sensors for industrial use, SSS provides revolutionary solutions that extend well beyond mere automation and speed enhancements to address advanced issues in a variety of industries.

Image Sensor for Security Cameras

SSS's image sensors for security cameras captures the objects with reliable accuracy, even under harsh conditions such as in dark places, or where there are significant differences in brightness and darkness. The outstanding photographic performance of the image sensors makes them indispensable to the security field.

Image Sensor for Consumer Cameras

These sensors give consumers the freedom to capture emotions beautifully as they were intended. SSS's high-performance image sensors for consumer cameras are helping drive the development of global image culture.

Image Sensor for Automotive Use

SSS's image sensors for automotive use, convey a “mirror-like image” by accurately grasping and recognizing the situation in the entire 360° spectrum around the vehicle, and have been developed with the goal of realizing a safe and reliable mobility society.

Image Sensor for Mobile

SSS’s image sensors for mobile combine “viewing” to capture beautiful images, “sensing” to obtain additional information other than images, and “intelligence” which allows the sensor to analyze the subject to provide a truly creative experience beyond the imagination.

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