Image Sensor for Automotive Use

Image Sensor

Image Sensor for Automotive Use

The image sensors for automotive use from Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation (SSS) become an “eye” to accurately grasp, recognize and communicate the situation 360° around the vehicle, with the goal of realizing a safe and secure mobility society.


SSS has advanced the “eyes of vehicles” in the viewing and sensing technology domains, particularly with image sensors. The SSS vision is for 360-degree sensing and detection to assist the driver with risk avoidance and create a safer environment around the vehicle, which we have named a “Safety Cocoon”. We will share this vision with our partners to work toward realizing a safe and secure mobility society in the near future.

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Standardization in the automotive area at our company

Automobiles were previously largely mechanical products, but the trends toward automation, electrification and digitalization have meant that they have progressed to becoming electrical and electronic products. Ensuring safety and security for their new functions and performance is an important theme worldwide. To contribute to the improvement of safety and security in the new mobility, SSS is actively participating in cooperative activities in the industry with international experts and specialist organizations that are promoting international standardization and activities for industry cooperation.

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