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    The Group Establishes New Slogan to Address Society as One Entity

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January 25, 2022

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Group Holds “Sense the Wonder Day” for Stakeholders
The Group Establishes New Slogan to Address Society as One Entity

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation

Today, Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation (SSS) held "Sense the Wonder Day," an event to share with a wide range of stakeholders, including employees, the concept behind the company's new corporate slogan, "Sense the Wonder."
SSS is a wholly owned subsidiary responsible for the Sony Group’s Imaging & Sensing Solutions business. Prior to this event, SSS established a new corporate slogan to help a wide range of stakeholders understand the SSS Group's goals and business activities. This corporate slogan not only expresses the existence of the SSS Group, but also conveys the SSS Group's desire to "feel more curiosity" and "make the world more full of surprises and excitement.” The SSS Group will continue to address society as one through this slogan.

Key visual for Sony Semiconductor Solutions Group’s corporate slogan

Sense the Wonder

At the event, SSS President and CEO Terushi Shimizu, engineers in charge of development, and employees from each of the company's global offices took the stage to share the messages that SSS wishes to convey through "Sense the Wonder," and to discuss various challenges, initiatives, possibilities for imaging and sensing technologies.
Kenichiro Yoshida, Chairman, President and CEO of Sony Group Corporation, also took the stage at the start of the event to deliver the opening address: “In order to continue to provide ‘Kando (emotion)’ to the world with No.1 technology, it is essential to grasp the needs of the world and seize new business opportunities such as automotive image sensors and edge AI. The new corporate slogan, ‘Sense the Wonder’ includes ‘sense’ as capturing awareness of people and ‘wonder’ as being considerate of curiosity which is born from people. I felt that this is in line with our corporate direction of ‘getting closer to people.’” Shimizu then introduced SSS as "a company driven by technology and the curiosity of each individual," and explained that SSS's technology "will create the social infrastructure of the future, and will no doubt lead to a 'sensing society' in which image sensors play an active role in all aspects of life." In addition, he said, "The imaging and sensing technologies we create will allow us to uncover new knowledge that makes us question the common sense of the world and discover new richness hidden in our daily lives.”

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Group Corporation and the global leader in image sensors. We strive to provide advanced imaging technologies that bring greater convenience and joy to people’s lives. In addition, we also work to develop and bring to market new kinds of sensing technologies with the aim of offering various solutions that will take the visual and recognition capabilities of both human and machines to greater heights.
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