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June 15, 2022

Sony Semiconductor Solutions to release AR development SDK “ToF AR” in public

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation (SSS) has made the “ToF(Time of Flight) AR” a Software Development Kit (SDK) publicly available on Developer World*¹ from June 15th, 2022. This SDK enables smooth depictions of hand and finger movements and accelerate AR development.
AR technology expresses extended reality enhanced with virtual visual information of onscreen landscapes by utilizing depth information of objects and buildings. It is mainly used in entertainment applications such as for smartphones.
“ToF AR” developed by SSS can smoothly depict the movements of hands and fingers by using the proprietary AI processing technology jointly developed with R&D Center of Sony Group Corporation. This makes it possible to develop applications that realize the following functionality on Unity *² :
(1) Hand-gesture function, (2) Function to recognize and smoothly depict body movements, (3) Modeling function to create 3D data,
(4) Meshing function to build surrounding environments based on depth information, etc.
“ToF AR” at Developer World:

<Sample video>

This SDK can be utilized for a variety of purposes such as mobile games with AR, virtual fitting that allows you to check the fit of clothing and shoes by casting the screen over these items, virtual layout for measuring the room and choose furniture in the right size, and new styles of communication that merges illustrations and letters with the surrounding space and allows user to share it with others.

<Virtual fitting>

<Virtual layout>

<New types of communication>

Additionally, this SDK will be used in the official distribution programs of the “Virtual Cinderella Project” (VCP), a joint project of Sony Music Entertainment Japan and bilibili, a major video platform in China.
*As of June 2022, VCP operates in Japanese and Chinese.
For details of the VCP:
The official Youtube site of VCP:NHOT BOT Offical Virtual Cinderella Project - YouTube

Through the public release of “ToF AR” SDK, SSS will promote the development of depth-utilizing applications and contribute to the creation of new smartphone experiences.

*1: Developer World:Website operated by Sony Europe that consolidates development programs supported by Sony Group.
*2: Unity:Game development platform provided by Unity Technologies that includes game engine and execution environment.

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