Development, Design, and Production Initiatives

As a leading company in image sensors, the Sony Semiconductor Solutions Group provides the advanced high-quality products through integrated operations from product planning to development, design, production, and Sales.

The outline flow from planning to mass production of CMOS image sensors

Product Planning

Determine "what kind of product (device) to make" based on customer needs and business plan

Core Technology Development

New development of basic technologies such as materials, pixel structures and drive mechanisms to improve function and performance

Specification Review

Review specifications of image sensors as well as lenses implemented together

In cases where existing technologies and materials can’t meet the needs of our customers, we will start by developing the necessary elemental technologies.

STEP 3Design

· Design the circuits of functional aspects as a image sensor such as a drive timing, interfaces and image processing
· Design pixels and readout circuits

STEP 4Prototyping

Prototype an image sensor based on the design.

STEP 5Evaluation

Shoot various targets in a dark room, etc., and check whether the functions are as specified and whether the images are shown correctly.

STEP 6Preparations for Mass Production

Measure the image sensor with a tester to obtain the data required for mass production. In addition, check if it operates correctly even in a high or low temperature environment and outputs an image.

STEP 7Mass Production

Reflect the feedback from the mass production preparation on the production line, and mass-produce the image sensors.

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