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Sony Semiconductor Solutions Group's representative director Terushi Shimizu explains the future challenges we face and our aspirations in pursuing them.

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With the technological excellence in imaging and sensing domain, Sony Semiconductor Solutions Group thrives in an extensive fields of semiconductor device businesses.

Image sensors—the flagship product of our business—are diffused in every aspect of people's private and social lives today, serving as our “electronic eyes.” While the imaging applications of these sensors enable to preserve beautiful memories in images, provide entertainment, and move people, sensing applications growing rapidly in recent years take advantages of their superior sensitivity to capture and identify various information that is imperceptible to the human senses. We firmly believe that our imaging and sensing technology will be increasingly responsible for developments in society as the technological advancement accelerates changes in the world. This will necessitate us to collaborate with various partners and create open innovations.

It is in this business environment that we launched our new corporate slogan “Sense the Wonder.” The phrase comprises “to sense,” referring to human ability to become aware of or develop a feeling something, and “wonder,” in the sense of curiositythat inspires our research and development. It is also a message from us to society that the world can be full of surprises and excitements if we let our curiosity lead us to discover. I believe that creating opportunities to work with diverse stakeholders who share and sympathize this idea will help us create totally new value that leads to spark imaginations and enrichment of society

We must remember, however, that our business activities cannot be sustained without the sound environment and society. As an enterprise, we will always remain aware of our “responsibilities” and “contributions” we owe to the environment and society as we pursue our businesses, and it is our intention to be dedicated to a sustainable world for all stakeholders.

Everyone across the Group united, we continue making our concerted efforts to drive us into new frontiers and to maintain our essential role in society.

Terushi Shimizu

Representative Director, President and CEO
Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation

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