Digital Video Interface (SerDes)


Interfaces that transmit images have existed in a variety of forms to this point. As higher resolution images have become more mainstream, there are more and more scenarios where analog interfaces are replaced with digital ones and wired devices with wireless ones. Different interfaces are selected for use depending on the application.

With vehicles, there is often some distance between the place where the image sensor or other device to obtain data is set and where the information is shown (on a display, for example). But cables to connect the equipment need to be thin and long and require in-line connections, and signal attenuation can be significant. In such an environment, a digital video interface called a SerDes (serializer/deserializer) plays a role in sending large amounts of data at high speed and with low latency.

Sony Semiconductor Solutions (SSS) has a product family of GVIF-compatible video interfaces for automotive applications with a long history and track record as a major automotive SerDes dating back to 1999.


Automotive infotainment

The diversification of automotive imaging applications has expanded the role of digital interfaces (SerDes) to more applications, and a transition is underway.

SSS is applying our accumulated AV expertise in automotive-use devices. We were quick to equip our SerDes products with content protection technology, contributing to achieving an environment where people can enjoy video content in their cars. SSS’s automotive serializer/deserializer LSI (GVIF) is expanding the world of automotive entertainment even further.

ADAS, self-driving, parking assistance (surround sensing), drive monitors, CMS (camera monitoring systems)

Recent years have seen a transition from analog to digital interfaces (such as SerDes), even for functions that support safe and secure driving, which is becoming increasingly important.

The GVIF is capable of transmitting large amounts of digital data for image sensors flexibly yet at high speed for the various image processing equipment inside a car. Going forward, SSS will continue our further technological development by combining image sensors with automotive serializer/deserializer LSI (GVIF) in order to meet the diverse application needs of customers.

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