Smartphone (Sensing)


Useful and fun smartphone applications are made possible by integrating state-of-the-art sensing technology, such as the back-illuminated Time of Flight (ToF) image sensors, and Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation’s imaging technology backed up by years of expertise. With photo assistance such as the background blurring effect, AR-enabled games, and a new mode of communication using spatial expressions, the sensor can create a whole new experience.


Virtual fitting / layout

ToF image sensors can measure your feet to help choose shoes that fit perfectly or measure your room to help select the best size furniture. ToF image sensors allow you to try on various items virtually from the comfort of your home.

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It lets you transform the objects in front of you into 3D animation, or draw pictures and symbols in the air and embed them in an ambient image. You can create images and share them with your friends. ToF image sensors create an extraordinary communication experience.

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Photography (background blurring)

ToF image sensors measure the depth of the field and enables highly technical effects, like blurring the background, for impressive shots just like using an interchangeable lens mirrorless camera.

Photography (background blurring) 1
Photography (background blurring) 2


ToF (Time of Flight)

Find out more about the ToF(Time of Flight) used in this field.

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