The growth of the headphone market is being boosted by higher performance and the rising popularity of fully wireless headphones. One particularly popular element is the noise cancellation function. The advantage of this function is that users can shut out undesirable noise from their surroundings to enjoy their music with a clearer sound quality but without raising the volume. This reduces the risk of headphone-induced hearing loss, which is caused by listening to music at loud volumes, and it can also minimize irritating sound leakage.

Sony Semiconductor Solutions (SSS) has a range of noise cancellation technologies that can provide total solutions covering the whole process, from product design to chip performance to application.


Hybrid noise cancellation

SSS’s audio IC achieves excellent noise cancellation performance with a hybrid method that combines the merits of the feedforward and feedback methods. It makes it possible to efficiently achieve excellent noise cancellation performance by eliminating external noise picked up by a feedforward microphone and then residual noise picked up by a feedback microphone at the final stage.

Noise cancellation adapted to undesired environmental noise, capturing external noise

Amid rising noise pollution, SSS’s audio IC raises the level of noise cancellation and removes even more external noise. The noise cancellation effect adjusts automatically according to the environment, so in offices and other places with low levels of undesirable noise, the level is reduced to provide a sense of quiet.

Hearing expansion, hearing assistance

If you simply amplify the sounds of the environment, it raises the volume not only of the voices and sounds that users want to hear but also of surrounding noise pollution and undesirable noise, which is a problem. To solve this, SSS’s audio IC does not simply amplify sound; it does so while taking into account the strength of the sound, whether it is high- or low-frequency, its directionality, and other considerations. It can also provide a more comfortable listening experience by cutting unnecessary noise to emphasize the sound of conversation.

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