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With virgin plastics, raw materials that suit the material characteristics required by products can be used, but with recycled materials, measures to utilize the characteristics of the recycled materials themselves are required.

The flame-retardant recycled plastic SORPLAS™ (Sustainable Oriented Recycled Plastic) developed by Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation, realizes the compositions that fit the needs of customers by accurately understanding the characteristics of the recycled materials optimally blending multiple materials with the original additive having a molecular structure which is easily mixed.


Flat-screen TV housing

As television design trends toward larger and flatter models, the needs for the plastic required for housings and internal parts are changing with the times. To meet these changing needs in a timely manner, we are developing the environmentally conscious flame-retardant recycled plastic SORPLAS™.

On some products, SORPLAS™ is used on the rear cover of the television, which has the largest surface area. SORPLAS™ maintains a high finished quality while reducing virgin plastic usage by up to about 50% compared to conventional methods.

Flat-screen TV housing

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SORPLAS is a trademark of Sony Group Corporation. SORPLAS is an environmentally conscious plastic developed and provided by Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation.

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