Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation (SSS) solves customer challenges with various semiconductor products and solutions that make full use of industry-leading advanced technologies centered on imaging and sensing technology.


SSS focuses on enhancing in-vehicle entertainment in addition to realizing high safety performance by making full use of imaging and sensing technology.


SSS's image sensors use innovative technology and a wide range of products to solve the problem of productivity improvement in every industries.


SSS's image sensors produce the high-quality images at high speeds required by distribution sites that demand speed and reliability.

Agriculture and Farming

SSS's image sensors and OLED microdisplays solve problems in agriculture and livestock, and improve work efficiency.

Research and Investigation

SSS offers a wide lineup of image sensors with different characteristics to meet different requirements from science and technology to medical care.

Traffic and Transportation

SSS's image sensors with high-quality and high speed reliably capture the target even in harsh environments and promote the realization of a safe automobile society.


SSS is making contributions to the security domain, offering low-luminosity imaging technology and capability to capture images under various lighting conditions.


SSS has image sensing technology and recycled plastic that contributes to improving the efficiency of the recycling business.


SSS’s image sensors for mobile deliver high performance and high quality to enhance your life with a smartphone.


SSS supports the development of this field with more accurate self-positioning and high-speed, low-power-consumption device-to-device communication.

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SSS supports the further development of global visual culture through the further evolution and development of image sensors and Liquid crystal / OLED microdisplays.

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