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For consumer cameras (digital interchangeable lens cameras, compact digital cameras, video cameras/sports cameras, etc.), there are strong demands for reality so that people can preserve their moving experiences realistically, and can become immersed in the image experience itself. Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation (SSS) is always striving for technological innovation for image sensors and is developing and introducing back-illuminated CMOS image sensors, stacked CMOS image sensors, and column A/D conversion circuits to advance three-axis improvements (high speed, high resolution and high sensitivity) for image sensors, with the aim of contributing to the advancement of image culture around the world.

Furthermore, with high performance OLED Microdisplays, SSS will also contribute to the improvement of EVF (Electronic Viewfinder) performance on consumer cameras such as mirrorless cameras and compact digital cameras. The high resolution and high luminance that are the merits of OLED Microdisplays increase the sense of immersion in the viewfinder photography and help with the projection of the image that the user intended.

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Consumer mirrorless cameras, consumer compact digital cameras

The SSS's OLED Microdisplays have been introduced for EVF on consumer mirrorless cameras and consumer digital video cameras. The OLED microdisplays boast a high contrast, wide color gamut and fast response performance and make it possible to achieve the capturing of the subject and a realistic image display equivalent to that of an optical viewfinder.

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Consumer mirrorless cameras, consumer compact digital cameras 2
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