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The recent advances in technology for AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) have led to advances in the development of headsets for AR/VR. Among those advances, there has been an increase in the number of products using OLED Microdisplays for the reduction of AR/VR headset size, and for the improvement of the sense of presence and sense of immersion. There are expectations for an even further expansion of the scope of use of AR/VR headsets from now on and they are one of the most promising areas of utilization of OLED Microdisplays.


AR headsets

AR headsets are already in use in a wide range of applications, including use in the industrial area for the instruction of remote workers, for pick up instructions in cargo warehouses, in entertainment for games and viewing content, in medical care for applications such as surgery support, and for navigation outdoors. There are expectations that the applications of AR headsets will expand even further in the future as they achieve higher performance and lower prices, and as technology for wireless communications advances.

The OLED Microdisplays from Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation(SSS) will continue to contribute to higher image quality on AR headsets.



Medical care




VR headsets

At first, the spread of VR headsets was mostly for gaming applications, but recently there has been extremely large growth in the expectations for them as an entrance to the metaverse. In business applications too, there are expectations for their use in aspects such as virtual business trips, education and design modeling. The high resolution and high image quality OLED Microdisplays from SSS increase the sense of immersion in the VR through the headset, and make the experience more realistic. They are also more compact and higher resolution than the displays that are currently being selected, so they make a great contribution to the realization of portable, compact VR headsets.


VR headsets1


VR headsets2

Business use

VR headsets3

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